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Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Multi Trip

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  • US Citizens and US legal residents
  • Unlimited trips in a 12 month period
  • Up to $250,000 for sickness and accidents
  • $500,000 medical evacuation benefit.
  • Dr. Network-Outside USA
  • Pre-Existing conditions coverage available
  • A Rated U.S. Licensed & Admitted
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Travel Protection
(Trip Cancellation)
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  • Available in All Countries
  • Covers cancellations, interruptions and delays.
  • Ages 0 to 85+ (see benefits)
  • Ten-day Free Look Period


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  • No benefits reduction for ages over 69
  • Available to travelers worldwide
  • Trip cancellation up to $20,000
  • Medical expenses up to $1Million

Major Medical

(Waiting for Medicare)
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  • U.S. Citizens or Residents
    Awaiting Medicare Eligibility
  • U.S. Citizens or Residents
    Without Medicare Part A or B
  • Ages 60 to 95 (see benefits)
  • Pre-Existing Condition Language

Major Medical

(Travel to the USA)
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  • US Citizens returning to the US
  • Foreign Nationals visiting the US or working for a US Company
  • Ages 0 to 84 (see benefits)
  • Pre-Existing Condition Language

(Leaving the USA)
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  • US citizens leaving the US
  • From 7 days & up to 2 years
  • Age 84 or younger
  • Benefits from $50,000 & up to $5 Million (Determined by Age)
  • Pre-Existing Condition Language

Travel Insurance for Seniors

Senior citizens shopping for travel insurance

Regardless of age, whenever you leave your country of origin, the majority of health insurance policies discontinue coverage. In other words, your vulnerable. When an injury or sickness requires treatment by a Physician, inevitably costs ensue.

These costs can run into the thousands of dollars. Not a welcome expense if you're in or near retirement and trying to budget for the long term. Spending large amounts of your retirement income on medical expenses results in lower payouts to compensate for the loss of interest. While traveling, protect your nest egg from unexpected accidents and illness with a travel insurance plan that caters to senior citizens.

Select from one of the senior travel insurance options above or call one of our helpful travel insurance experts today.