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Kidnap & Ransom Coverage

Kidnap and Ransom insurance plans provide assistance to the family and business with regard to independent investigations, negotiations, arrangement and delivery of funds, and numerous other services vital to a safe, speedy and satisfactory resolution.

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International Kidnap/Detention and Crisis Assistance Coverage

Kidnap, Ransom and Detention Insurance has secretly existed for many years. We have determined that the public needs to know about his valuable coverage. International Kidnap/Detention and Crisis Assistance Coverage provides easy access and implementation. It can be arranged by an agent or broker. This product should be prescribed to personal and corporate clients, especially those who have international affiliations. The optional feature allows this plan to be tailored to a client's specifications. It is cost effective and sensible coverage.

Included with this coverage is access to skilled help from an internationally respected security force. This firm has experts on instant call to provide counter-terrorist efforts, negotiation, release and repatriation.