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USAway International Major Medical Plan

International Major Medical Plan
This plan provides temporary major medical insurance and is designed for US citizens and US residents who are travelling outside the USA.
Common Uses:
  • Students studying abroad.
  • Executives traveling overseas on work and business assignments.
  • Travelers/Tourists who are seeking medical coverage, including medical evacuation, while outside the USA.
  • Families traveling abroad on sabbatical or vacation.
  • Missionaries traveling abroad to provide foreign aid.

If you're like most Americans, you love to travel. A vacation is often thought of as a way to recharge your batteries and literally "leave it all behind". But what you shouldn't be leaving behind are your medical insurance plans.

There is always the possibility of getting ill or injured while abroad. If this happens, your American insurance may not be able to help. For this reason, All Aboard Benefits offers a plan that will follow you anywhere in the world outside of the USA.

The USAway International Major Medical Plan is designed for USA residents who are on vacation, studying, temporarily working, or on a humanitarian or religious mission abroad. The plan is tailored to suit the needs of a tourist who intends to be out of the country for only seven days as well as a student or worker who plans on staying abroad for two years. It reimburses eligible expenses relative to an illness contracted or injury sustained paid to doctors or hospitals within an agreed geographical area. Reimbursements range from US $50,000 for persons aged 80-84 to US $5,000,000 for persons aged below 70.

Eligible expenses include all hospital bills, doctors' fees, skilled nursing facilities, home care, ambulance services, and prescription drugs. Transport back home to a medical facility of your choice is also covered, or in the event of death, to a mortuary nearest to your home. Other extra benefits include lost luggage, emergency return home, and trip cancellation. An accidental death benefit of US$ 25,000 is also included. If death occurs due to injuries suffered while riding a public transport, double indemnity applies.

Coverages of illnesses and injuries resulting from war and terrorism, and participation in sports are also available as an option. You can also remove the limitations on cancer and cardiac conditions that come with the basic plan. And if you travel often, you can avail of the Frequent Travelers Option.

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