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Worldwide Travel Health Insurance Plans

Worldwide Travel Health Insurance Are you planning to travel or work outside your home country? Are you prepared for medical emergencies while visiting or living in a foreign country? Many international travelers discover the hard way that they need travelers medical insurance because their regular health insurance may not cover them outside their home country. Don't let this happen to you!

Click "GET A QUOTE" to review benefit information and receive a free online quote for international health insurance that will provide peace of mind while you work, study or travel outside your home country.

All Aboard Benefits, a travel health insurance provider, offers free online quotes for worldwide travel insurance policies from virtually all of the major carriers in the insurance industry that provide healthcare coverage for US or non-US citizens traveling outside their country of residence.

Play It Safe: Get Worldwide Travel Insurance

Going to a different country? Whether it's your first visit or not, visiting a new country always has a sense of adventure and thrill, with new people to see, new languages and a whole new culture.

Travelling abroad will truly be an experience you will not forget. Circumstances can be fickle and sometimes unfortunate events may befall on a traveller. That's why it is crucial to be covered by worldwide travel insurance - if not, what was expected to be a pleasurable vacation abroad can turn out to be an horrible and expensive catastrophe.

When in a foreign country with no friends or relatives, it is best to come prepared. What if one losses a wallet or, hope against hope, a passport? With worldwide travel insurance, any traveller need not worry. Your baggage is covered against loss, damage and theft. Medical coverage is also included so any expense for medical treatments, hospitalization and medicines are footed by the worldwide travel insurance policy.

Travel delays and cancellations of flights are also covered by worldwide travel insurance plans. There are times that an airline cancels a flight or you have to because of personal reasons, reimbursement will be given by the provider. Bad weather, aircraft maintenance and other unforeseen reasons may cause delays in your travel. If you need to check into a hotel to wait for your flight, your new policy will cover the expense.