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Worldwide Medical Evacuation Insurance

Worldwide medical evacuation insurance is travel insurance that offers protection for you in the event you become sick or injured and an emergency medical evacuation is required to either the nearest medical facility, where appropriate medical treatment can be obtained, or to your home country.

When you are traveling outside your home country you assume that not only will your domestic health insurance policy cover you in case of a medical emergency but you also assume that the nearest medical facility will be able to handle your needs. Unfortunately, many travelers discover that most domestic insurance plans are not designed to provide international service. To make matters worse, local medical facilities may not be able to provide the care you require.

That is why All Aboard Benefits offers your choice of worldwide medical evacuation insurance policies that can be used as a supplement to your international health insurance plan or domestic policy.

Evacuation insurance can be purchased for three months, six months or 12 months and offers peace of mind by providing important worldwide benefits such as:

Worldwide Medical Evacuation Insurance
  • Emergency medical evacuation, reunion, return of mortal remains, return of minor children, political evacuation
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Trip interruption
  • Lost luggage
  • Personal liability in the case of injury or damage to a third person
  • Emergency travel assistance services such as translation services, lost travel documents and passport assistance, medical referrals, and more.

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All Aboard Benefits represents a wide variety of worldwide travel related insurance policies that provide international health insurance coverage for US and non-US citizens. As an independent agent we can help you shop for the best plan at the best price. Click here to see the full range of travel insurance plans we offer.