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US Passport Expediting Service

All Aboard Benefits, an independent agency offering international travel health insurance, is proud to partner with CIBT, the world's leading US passport expediting service. Confused by requirements for a US passport? CIBT can assist you with application forms and instructions.

Who needs CIBT's passport and visa expediting service?

CIBT US Passport Expediting Professionals can help you
  • Business travelers
  • People planning a vacation abroad
  • International students
  • Travel agents
  • Tour and cruise ship personnel
  • Government employees and diplomats
  • International aid and humanitarian organization workers

What can CIBT do for you?

US citizens who are traveling or working abroad often find that they need assistance from a professional expediting service. CIBT provides step-by-step instructions, information and application forms for all of the international travel document required for your trip. Our passport expediting professionals understand the complexities of U.S. government requirements and can clearly explain the process to you. Don't let your trip be canceled or delayed because of missing or incomplete paperwork!


CIBT also offers complete document expediting services in the United States. Why take a trip to the U.S. Passport Agency, State Department, an Embassy, or a Consulate when CIBT can usually appear on your behalf ? With nearly 200 professionals nationwide, and a state-of-the-art tracking system, CIBT always knows exactly where your documents are in the process.

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