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Missionary Overseas Health Insurance

Missionary Travel Health Insurance

Missionary overseas health insurance should be a part of planning your international trip. Will your mission require an extended stay outside your home country? Are you prepared for medical emergencies while living in a foreign country? During their extended stay in another country many missionaries discover that they need overseas health insurance because their domestic health insurance may not cover them abroad. Don't let this happen to you!

Click "GET A QUOTE" to review benefit information for the two long-term plans we offer and request a free online quote for missionary overseas health insurance that provides medical coverage while you work, study or live abroad.

If your missionary project is not long-term, click Short-Term to view choices for plans that are appropriate for a shorter visit abroad. Or click Tour Group to request a quote for your overseas missionary project team. All Aboard Benefits offers free online quotes for overseas health insurance policies from the best carriers in the global insurance industry.