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International Cell Phone Rental

Global Phoneworks - International Cell and Satellite Phone Rentals

All Aboard Benefits, an independent agency offering international travel health insurance, is proud to partner with:
Global Phoneworks(GPW), an industry leader in short term international cellular and satellite phone rentals.

Did you know that most U.S. cell phones do not work overseas or while you're traveling the high seas on a cruise ship? That's why it's important to arrange for dependable international cell phone service before you depart.

GPW has been providing quality service since 1997 and now offers international cellular coverage in over 160 countries around the world. Their service offers a convenient, cost effective way to keep in touch 24/7 from anywhere in the world, on land or even at sea.

Going on a Cruise? Find out which phone to take.

Here are just a few of the benefits of short term international cell phone rental from GPW:

  1. The service is easy to use: The phone is delivered to you prior to departure. Included with the phone is a Quick Start Reference Guide, pre-printed business cards with the GPW phone number and travel dates on it, a charger, an adapter and a cardboard box and a preprinted airbill label for convenient return shipping to GPW. 
  2. You can save hundreds of dollars on hotel phone or calling card bills by renting with GPW. There are no hidden costs; no additional long distance charges, roaming charges, tolls, taxes or surcharges. You will be able to avoid costly hotel telephone surcharges.
  3. You will know all of the costs before you leave. There is no minimum spending requirement when renting a GPW phone. GPW fees include roundtrip shipping, weekly rental charges and fixed per minute airtime rates. Other rental plans quote average per minute rates which mean that your actual costs may be higher. GPW airtime rates are fixed and they are guaranteed to be competitive.

Be prepared! Countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa have developed a common mobile phone standard that is incompatible with most U.S. cell phones. In addition, many remote areas of the world have poor or no telephone service. Don't get caught without dependable service.


Easy to use...saves you money....no roaming charges...fixed, guaranteed competitive rates. What are you waiting for?

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