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Global Visa and Passport Service

CIBT Global Passport and Visa Professionals

All Aboard Benefits, an independent agency offering international travel health insurance, is proud to partner with CIBT, the world's leading travel document specialist and expediting service.

What can CIBT's global visa & passport services do for you?

Our trained visa and passport professionals understand the complexities of U.S. and foreign government entry requirements and can assist with services such as:

  • US and non-US passport applications and expediting
  • Visa applications and appropriate embassy or consulate appearances
  • Documents such as birth certificates, marriage and divorce documents
  • Document authentications
  • International driving permits
  • Travel arrangements

Whether you seeking a U.S. passport or visa processing, international passport or visa application forms and instructions, or other related services, CIBT can assist you.


CIBT provides step-by-step instructions, information and application forms for all of the international travel documents required for your trip. Don't miss your trip because of missing or incomplete paperwork!

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