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Worldwide Expatriate Insurance

Are you planning to live, study or work outside your home country for an extended period of time? Are you prepared for medical emergencies while living in a foreign country? During their extended stay many expatriates discover that they need worldwide expatriate insurance because their regular health insurance may not cover them outside their home country. Don't let this happen to you!

Worldwide Expatriate Insurance

Click "GET A QUOTE" to review benefit information for the plans we offer and request a free online quote for international health insurance that  provides medical coverage while you work, study or live abroad.

All Aboard Benefits, a travel health insurance provider, offers free online quotes for worldwide expatriate insurance policies from the best carriers in the global insurance industry that provide healthcare coverage for US or non-US citizens living outside their country of residence.

Expatriate Health Insurance for Travelers

Will you be relocating or travelling to another country for more than six months? If you are, then it is crucial that you get an international health insurance policy or better known as expatriate health insurance.

An expatriate health insurance plan secures your well-being while in another country. Different weather and different cuisines that you aren't used to can cause several health problems such as asthma, allergies and other illnesses. You may get involved in an accident and without suitable insurance coverage, you can end up in debt with all the high medical bills. An expatriate health insurance policy allows you to receive full benefits just like when you are in your own country.

Expatriate health insurance can vary in coverage so make sure that you only get quotes from a reputable insurance company. If you are not sure what companies to go to, ask some friends or better yet call up your embassy and ask for recommendations. If you will be travelling with your family, make sure they are covered too. There are various companies that offer package expatriate health insurance for families. Also, make sure to ask your insurance company about how to get treatments. Will they be recommending a specific doctor and hospital or are you able to find one for yourself? Also, make sure that the expatriate health insurance you are getting will be honoured at the country where you will be relocating.

Apply for expatriate health insurance now by either calling one of our friendly agents or clicking on the get a quote links above and make your stay in another country as comfortable and secure as possible.