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Au Pair Medical Insurance

The health and well being of an au pair, or nanny, is essential when it comes to the care of children.

Au Pair Insurance

As an au pair, or as an employer of one, medical health insurance coverage is a necessary part of ensuring the safety and livelihood of the children being cared for. Often times, the duties of an au pair include travel abroad, including long-term trips.

Medical insurance for au pairs can be challenging to find. Traditional insurance carriers are reluctant to cover the financial expenses resulting from an au pair's health or medical conditions - especially while traveling for work.

Au Pair Medical Insurance, also known as Nanny Health Insurance, is available for individuals traveling abroad. Whether your job involves a holiday trip or an extended stay in a foreign country, it is important to acquire international health insurance because regular domestic medical insurance may not cover healthcare issues outside your country of residence.

The insurance professionals at All Aboard Benefits specialize in providing unique health and medical coverage specifically tailored to au pairs and nannies.

All Aboard Benefits offers free online quotes for international au pair medical insurance or nanny health insurance from the best carriers in the global insurance industry. Our plan options include healthcare coverage for U.S. or non-U.S. citizens traveling or working outside their country of residence.

Click "GET A QUOTE" to review benefit information for the two types of au pair insurance plans we offer and request a free online quote for international au pair medical insurance that provides medical coverage during work or travel abroad.

Our plan options include:

Don't risk the safety and well being of yourself and the children you care for. Make sure au pair medical insurance is part of the plan while traveling abroad.

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