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Humanitarian Aid International Health Insurance

Humanitarian Aid Volunteers need International Health Insurance before departing for an overseas mission. Workers should be aware that a domestic health insurance plan may not be able to provide all the coverage needed outside of the country in which it is issued?

All Aboard Benefits can assist you in making preparation for international humanitarian aid travel by providing free online quotes for health insurance policies that provide medical coverage for you and the other members of your global team. Whether your project is short-term or long-term we have an insurance plan to meet your needs.

Click "Get Quote" to review details and specific benefit information on the following plans for individuals and families. Click the Tour Group link above to get a quote for a large or small group.

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MNUI's The Atlas Series

Travel medical insurance for all international travelers who are temporarily spending time outside their home country. Perfect as a short-term humanitarian aid international health insurance plan. The minimum coverage period is 5 days and the maximum initial coverage period is 12 months.

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Seven Corners Liaison International Travel Insurance

Travel health insurance for US and non-US citizens. Coverage is available for individuals and families traveling to, temporarily residing in, or volunteering for overseas humanitarian aid projects. Coverage is also available for volunteers traveling outside the United States - that includes U.S. citizens traveling abroad as well as non-US citizens traveling between countries (e.g. a Brazilian traveling to Spain).

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HTH Worldwide Insurance's TravelGap® Plans

International travel health insurance policies that address the healthcare insurance needs of citizens who need temporary medical insurance while traveling or working abroad on short-term projects anywhere in the world. Coverage can be obtained for a single trip or multiple trip outside the US.

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MNUI's CitizenSecuresm Long-Term Medical Insurance

Annually renewable major medical insurance for individuals and families working or living abroad. Coverage is available for aid team members from all countries who are relocating or working a long-term mission overseas. This product line is for world citizens seeking international permanent or long-term major medical insurance.

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HTH's Global Citizen Insurance

A long-term, annually renewable major medical insurance plan. Coverage is available to citizens who want a quality medical insurance plan that will respond to their medical needs anywhere in the world.

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