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Valuable benefits to students and other educational professionals traveling outside of their home country
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Who is Eligible for Coverage?

Whether you are a foreign national studying in the United States for several years or a U.S. citizen studying abroad, Liaison Student is designed to protect you during your time away from home.

Non-U.S. Citizens:

International Students, visiting Faculty, Scholars, or other persons age 13 and older who are temporarily residing outside their Home Country. The Insured must remain engaged in full-time educational or research activities outside their Home Country during the Period of Coverage. Education or research activities shall mean the Insured: 1) is enrolled and participating in an educational, vocational, cultural exchange, or training program; and 2) has a valid J-1, H-3, F, M, or Q Visa.

U.S. Citizens:

All United States Students, visiting Faculty, Scholars, or other persons with a current passport who are temporarily residing outside the United States and are engaged in full-time educational or research activities.

Please note coverage for residents of the following States is not currently available: Connecticut, District of Columbia. Florida , Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Vermont

Benefits of the Policy
A Schedule of Benefits and Limits, Pre-existing Condition information, and more are included in the Liaison Student brochure. This document also contains rate tables and an application you can fill out and return to All Aboard Benefits. Click the link below to view/print the brochure.

Liaison Student (897 KB)

Note: To view the brochure you need to have Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher installed on your machine. This is a large file that may take a minute or more to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

How do I Apply?
Click the Apply On-Line button at the top of the page to fill out an on-line application. If you prefer not to apply online, choose Brochure & Application, fill out the application in that document, and mail or fax it.

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